Antique Vintage Womens Clothing

Antique Victorian Ladies Womens Clothing & Apparel - Antique Vintage Fashions Victorian Through 1940's

The Gatherings Antique Vintage has a lovely collection of adult clothing and apparel, both for the ladies and the gentlemen, from the Civil War era to the 1940's War Years. Antique and vintage fashions here at The Gatherings Antique Vintage include hoops and bustle back dresses to the Gibson girl look at the turn-of-the-20th-century.

You will also find the hobble skirts to the lovely lawn dresses from the Edwardian (Titanic) age, gossamer lingerie dresses from a little later period that seem to truly float when worn.

Still more vintage fashions ~ those glorious flapper dresses from the 1920's, bias and glamour dresses from the 1930's to the War Year clothing of the 1940's. We also carry exquisite antique and vintage fashion accessories such as shoes, parasols and other fashion necessities of these era's.


Here is a very interesting late Edwardian or 1920's brass link hinged belt. The elongated links are in the form of naturalistic leaves embossed upon the brass. Rather an Arts And Crafts style. At either end of the belt, two round loops, for perhaps ribbon, braid or such to tie and extend the belt.

Edwardian 1920 Brass Link Belt Embossed Leaves Arts And Crafts Style

Dating from the 1850's or Civil War era, a head dress piece for indoor wearing. Made on a wire frame, the head piece is fashioned of black tulle, Chantilly lace and black velvet ribbons. The head piece is small, measuring 8" long x 7" wide, sitting just at the crown of the head. The Chantilly lace is in a floral pattern with pointed scallop edge.

1850 1860 Victorian Indoors Head Dress Bonnet Black Chantilly Lace Tulle

Here is an incredible beauty just acquired and the first time offered. I think it is one of the most beautiful pieces of Maltese Bobbin Lace I have ever owned and now I am offering it to someone who will also admire and keep it safe.

Antique 19th Century Victorian Handmade Silk Maltese Bobbin Lace Collar

This is a lovely belt buckle slide and matching dress pin from the Art Nouveau period of the Edwardian era. The silver wash over brass metal set, incorporates a flowing movement of a lady's head and clusters of grapes with leaves, curving delightful around each piece.

Antique Edwardian Art Nouveau Belt Buckle Matching Pin Figural Face Fruit